Terms and conditions for providers



This Accommodation Listings Website is for members of the public to list available properties, and for Griffith students to view available properties. Use of this webpage outside of these terms is not permitted.


Griffith University is committed to promoting equal opportunity and maintaining an environment that is free from harassment, bullying and unlawful discrimination. Consistent with this policy, we reserve the right to refuse to list or, without prior notice to you, to remove, any existing advertisement that we consider is, or may be reasonably considered to be, harmful, offensive, inappropriate, discriminatory or otherwise objectionable or for any reason we consider it appropriate to do so.

You are responsible for ensuring that any advertisement listed on this website by you or on your behalf is complete and accurate (and remains accurate) and complies with all relevant laws. Further information in relation to your obligations can be found at http://www.fairtrading.qld.gov.au/. Owners / Landlords or Sub-letters should note that you are required to have your property or place of residence comply with the Brisbane City Plan 2000 - Volume 1, House Code. For more specific requirements, please refer to Table 4.1 General Requirement, P8 - A8. If you proceed to list your property on the Griffith Offcampus Accommodation Website, you will be declaring that you have understood these requirements and your property complies with the Brisbane City Plan 2000 - Volume 1, House Code. The University is not responsible for any errors or omissions in listings.

You are responsible for the management of correspondence and dealings with persons who respond to your advertisement. It is expected that you will deal with persons seeking accommodation in accordance with the relevant provisions of the Queensland Residential Tenancies and Rooming Accommodation Act 2008and other relevant legislation pertaining to accommodation standards, rental agreements and bonds.

Griffith STRONGLY RECOMMENDS that proposed advertisers familiarise themselves with their legal rights and responsibilities as landlords. Further information can be obtained from Residential Tenancies Authority and/or Office of Fair Trading.

If you are offering accommodation to four or more people in one or more rooms (not self-contained), you are required to register your property as a Residential Service. Registered residential services are also required to be Accredited. For further information click on this link.

According to zoning regulations, no more than six unrelated people can live in a single-family home (a rowhouse is considered a single-family home.)  including the landlord

Please note the website you are about to register on is hosted on a website external to the University.


The following conditions apply to the use of the off-campus accommodation listings website:

A minimal fee of $40 applies to monthly advertisements. Advertisers can display up to 3 advertisements in 1 month.

1. The University reserves the right to refuse to list any property without explanation.
2. The University reserves the right at any time, and without liability to you, to:
(a) edit the information included in a listing if the University considers it inappropriate, discriminatory or offensive;
(b) refuse to list any property considered by the University as unsuitable for students;
(c) refuse entry of a listing into the website in the event of a serious prior complaint regarding the suitability of the specific property proposed to be listed and/or practices undertaken by the Advertiser;
(d) remove property listings that are older than four weeks from the website, without warning to the Advertiser[1];
(e) take any action deemed necessary in relation to a listing which is the subject of a complaint and/or which may contravene the law or these terms and conditions;
(f) remove a listing without notice, at its discretion; and
(g) conduct an inspection and audit of your property to see if it complies with all laws (such as fire and safety) and to check it reflects its listing.
3. In the event the University receives a complaint that a landlord or landlord’s property fails to comply with the law then it may be necessary, and the University will, if it sees fit, report such matter to local council, Office of Fair Trading or other relevant authority.
4. The University does not arbitrate disputes between advertisers and students (or landlords and tenants). All disputes must be dealt with through the Dispute Resolution Service offered by the Residential Tenancies Authority.
Property Recommended by the University
5. Accommodation providers who have volunteered to have their property inspected by the University may have their property recommended by the University and featured in search results. This recommendation is at the absolute discretion of the University and may be removed at any time. The University does not guarantee that a property will be recommended for any length of time.
6. Any such recommendation from the University is based on the condition of the accommodation at the time of inspection and is only intended to provide an indication of the suitability of the accommodation at that point in time. It is not intended to be a guarantee of the condition of the accommodation and should not replace a standard condition report when entering into an agreement with a tenant.
7. Other than a recommendation given in accordance with the above, an advertisement listing carries no statement of endorsement by the University.
No Liability of the University
8. The University accepts no responsibility or liability for the behaviour or correspondence of persons who respond to your advertisement.
9. The University makes no guarantee that you will find tenants as a result of using the University’s Accommodation Listing Website to advertise your vacancy.
10. The University can in no way guarantee the suitability of tenants found through the website and will accept no liability or responsibility for any such tenants, including any failure of the tenants to pay a bond or rent.
11. The University may provide a copy of your advertisement to students or staff to assist them in taking any action against an accommodation provider where there is a dispute between the two parties.
12. The other websites linked from this website are not endorsed by the University.
13. Personal information that has been collected about you as part of this process will be dealt with in accordance with the University’s Privacy Plan which can be found here.

14. Private Providers may only list a maximum of 3 listings at anyone time.

15. Current Griffith University students can advertise 1 property per month free of charge.

[1] The four week time limit does not apply to purpose built student accommodation or commercial accommodation properties that are registered and accredited as a ‘residential service’. What is “purpose built student accommodation” or “commercial accommodation” is determined by the University, at its discretion. “residential service” is defined in the Residential Services (Accreditation) Act 2002.


  • Condition Report (Form 1a) - Residential Tenancies Authority
  • Premise is fit to live in and in good state of repair
  • Premise meets all laws that deal with health and safety
  • Fire and Safety evacuation plans
  • Premise is secure
  • All charges, rates and taxes for the place are paid
  • Aware of the Anti-Discrimination Act
  • Read Residential Tenancy Authority Legislation
  • Rooms meet Standard Brisbane City Council Building Code
  • Fire Blanket or/ Fire Extinguishe